Family Law


Divorce is difficult. I attempt to minimize the difficulty. I provide individualized services striving to lessen both the emotional and financial impact to you. Each client’s situation is unique and should be handled accordingly, I give my clients one-on- one, personal attention.

Choosing your divorce attorney may be one of the most important decisions in your life. Choosing well can set you up for a better financial future and can help insure your children’s future is the best it can be.

I settle about 90% of my divorce cases. This is a huge benefit to my clients. Why? The benefits of settlement include:

  • Much less costly than a trial - the only people who are guaranteed to benefit from a trial are the attorneys
  • Allows the parties to determine the outcome - not a judge
  • May not be appealed
  • Helps parties move forward with their lives by avoiding all the “mud-slinging” testimony that is inevitable at trial
  • More confidential
  • Usually scheduled much sooner than a trial

There are several methods of settling cases and I have used all of them to achieve the best resolution for my clients'. However, some cases do need to be decided by a judge after a hearing or trial. Having been in practice for over twenty-four years, I am an experienced trial attorney. The last case I had go to trial resulted in judgments totaling over $300,000 before child and spousal support, and sole custody of the children to my client.

My accounting background, as well as my experience parenting two children, gives me added insight to assist my clients in every aspect of divorce.

Lori Jenkins, Attorney at Law

Settlement is good.
But it has to be a good settlement.

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